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Investment Opportunities

Grandlodge Capital has invested in a variety of different market segments since 1992 including property, shares, businesses, start-ups and established businesses.

So, if you’re a startup looking for investment to get your new idea off the ground or an established business requiring investment to get you to the next stage, please contact us.

The size of our investments have varied from $100,000 to millions depending on the opportunity and what’s required to make your idea a success.


Email your business' details here:

Your details were sent successfully!

If you are looking for an investor you will need to provide the following information:

- Company Details.

- Market Size.

- Products, if applicable.

- Competition.

- Sustainable Advantage/ Problem Solved.

- Your team’s details including strengths and weaknesses.

- Company Financials if applicable (P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow etc).

- Amount of finance you are looking for and how this will be used to grow your idea.

- Contact Details.

If confidentiality is an issue, please download, sign and email the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) below to , which we will sign and resend to you prior to further details being sent.

Otherwise we look forward to hearing from you with your investment opportunity!

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